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Baker considers itself the gateway to Death Valley. The city located in the California high desert is also home to a giant 134-foot thermometer that has been a beacon for tourists headed to and from Las Vegas.

Located along Interstate 15 about an hour from the Nevada border, Baker is home to some 500 residents. Many of them work in the restaurants, hotels and gas stations that sit alongside the highway.

But what attracts someone to the middle of the California desert?

For Jacob Overson it was his parents who brought him to Baker. Overson  grew up on a ranch about 10 miles from town, so being at least an hour from the nearest supermarket or hospital is nothing new for him. For his wife, Cecilia, the isolation was a bit of culture shock compared to her home town of San Bernardino.

Cecilia Overson says the biggest adjustment to life in Baker is not being able to drive down the street to the market if you forget to buy a gallon of milk. For Jacob and Cecilia Overson, a trip to the supermarket in Barstow is a well-planned adventure every month.

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