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A new federal study shows Nevada tops the nation when it comes to secondhand smoke exposure, with two thirds of adults reporting having been exposed to secondhand smoke within seven days of being surveyed. A prime suspect? Smoke in casinos that affects patrons and employees alike.

For some the idea of divorcing gambling from smoking is inconceivable. But in certain states casinos are smoke free by mandate – Ohio, Maryland and Massachusetts for example. Will Las Vegas casinos be next? Or do the gambling and tobacco lobbies have too strong a hold on this market? Or maybe smoking and gambling do go hand in hand and Las Vegas has the right idea to live and let live.

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Karen Blumenfeld, Esq.Executive Director, Global Advisors Smokefree Policy

Shane Kaufmann, dealer, Caesar’s

Randall Fine, casino consultant The Fine Point Group

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KNPR's State of Nevada
KNPR's State of Nevada
KNPR's State of Nevada
Oct 28, 2009

Second-hand Smoke