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American Coin: Frank Romano's Story Of Betrayal

To his dying day in August  2012, Frank Romano -- who was implicated in a slot machine rigging scandal in the 1980s -- claimed he was innocent in the Las Vegas scam perpetuated by his two partners in American Coin, a business that provided gaming machines to local bars and stores.

Speaking now from the grave, Romano's account of the ordeal has been published by his family. It's called "American Coin, A True Story of Betrayal, Gambling and Murder in Las Vegas."

Jeff Burbank, a former Las Vegas reporter, interviewed Romano at length at Romano's home, in about 2000, after covering the American Coin conspiracy in his own book, "License to Steal: Nevada's Gaming Control System in the Megaresort Age."

"I guess it's true, we sort of prejudged him," Burbank said after reading Romano's first-person account.

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Jeff Burbank, author and former Las Vegas reporter