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On today’s State of Nevada, CityLife editor Mike Prevatt gave us a preview of the much-ballyhooed Wet 'N' Wild Waterpark. But for those of us who prefer thrills of the land-locked variety, here’s Mike’s list of high-impact roller coasters making a summer 2013 debut:

The Gatekeeper, Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio: “They just opened what is the big hot roller coaster this year – the Gatekeeper, which is a winged coaster that seats around the side of the tracks as opposed to on top of them and that’s a big deal this year.”

Iron Rattler, Fiesta Texas, San Antonio, Texas: “They’ve taken a wooden roller coaster and they’ve put a steel track on top of it. They’ve established it to do hairpin turns and loops.”

Full Throttle, 6 Flags, Los Angeles: “There’s a 160-foot loop that you get launched into and then you’ll traverse the loop at the end and go over it. I’ve seen it, it’s already built, and it looks awesome.”

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