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Dave Tina, president, Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors

Leigh Butler, home buyer

BY AMY KINGSLEY -- If you want to buy a house in Las Vegas, you have to move fast. That’s the best advice for prospective homebuyers who aren’t walking around with wallets full of cash, according to Dave Tina, president of the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors.

“Find a real estate agent that they get along with and feel is highly competent,” Tina said. “Know that that realtor will go out with them everyday a house goes on the market, the day the house goes on the market, and they will get a house.”

“When you find a house you like, make an offer immediately,” Tina said. “In today’s market, you have to be willing to buy right away. In Las Vegas, you’re ready to buy that day or that week and close a month later. Houses that come on the market are usually gone within a week.”

Home buyers called in to share their stories of woe, but Tina said that persistent customers will eventually find homes.

“I don’t think anyone is going to leave Las Vegas because they won’t get a house,” Tina said.

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