The 2012 National Beard and Moustache Championship happened this weekend at the Clark County amphitheater. Beard growers and enthusiasts from all over the world gathered in Las Vegas to celebrate facial hair. Why do some people get so passionate about beards and moustaches? And why isn't facial hair more mainstream?
Mark Hall-Patton, administrator of the Clark County Museum
Phil Olsen, founder of the National Beard & Moustache Championship
Wolfe Thompson, lawyer and beard competitor


Beard-wearers on stage before the competition.

A German bearding superstar.

Jackie Ellison and his girlfriend Ryan Decker, demonstrating the careful lift of his imperial moustache for smooching.

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Gerhard Knapp, grand-daddy of modern bearding. His beard features a globe made of facial hair, Las Vegas is helpfully pointed out with a red arrow.

Cheese beard on right, at "Whiskerinas" event.

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