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Tell Us A Secret

Juan Renteria knows a lot of secrets.  And he pins them to a bulletin board, for everyone to see.  The Henderson Library employee collects people's anonymous secrets on postcards, and posts them to the public, much like the website  What deep secrets has he discovered?  Do you have a deep secret?  Is it better to keep a secret, or does it take its toll?  Is it a relief to tell the truth?  Did you hide your child's adoption from him?  Not tell your spouse about an affair?  Hide your past from friends and loved ones?  Or did someone reveal a secret to you?  Share your secrets, even if you're anonymous during the live program or below.

Juan Renteria, Adult Reference Specialist, Green Valley Parkway Henderson Library
Steven Kalas, Behavioral Health Consultant and Columnist, LVRJ

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Thursday, May 3, 2012