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Hiking Safety and the Disappearance of Ron Kirk

Ron Kirk was 46.  Fit and tan, he was an experienced hiker who roamed the outdoors in his red Jeep, looking for his next adventure.  Then a few weeks ago, he disappeared in Red Rock.  Gone.  Only a text message that read: "A beautiful day for hiking."  The police, rescue search groups, and his family have turned up nothing.  Journalist Joshua Longobardy decided to retrace Ron's steps to find out how an experienced hiker could so easily disappear.  We talk to Joshua about Ron's story, and to hiking experts about safety on the trail. 
Have you ever been lost hiking?  How close did you get to danger?  What do you do to ensure your safety?  Could what happened to Ron happen to any of us?  Share your stories below or  during the live show.
Joshua Longobardy, freelance journalist, LV CityLife
Alan Gegax, Chief of Las Vegas Hiking and Outdoors Meetup

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Thursday, March 1, 2012