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Mexico's Thriving Maquilladora (Manufacturing) Industry

A bright spot in the global economic downturn is Mexico's thriving maquilladora (manufacturing) industry. Despite the impact the recession has had on companies across the world, manufacturing in Mexico is booming. Big industries like auto parts manufacturing and aerospace are locating factories along the U.S. Mexico border and building billions of dollars in product. Maquilladoras are nothing new, American businesses have been building plants in Mexico since the 1960's but now with increased labor costs in countries like China many companies are turning back to Mexico. The Fronteras Changing America Desk has just released a three part series exploring why the maquilladora industry and is thriving and what the future holds.

Hernan Rozemberg, reporter, Fronteras: The Changing Americas Desk
Ruxandra Guidi, reporter, Fronteras: The Changing Americas Desk
Kenn Morris, Pres and CEO, Cross Border Group

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