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You see them everyday on the Strip: dealers, maids, cocktail waitresses, cooks, and pit bosses.  Many Strip workers are women, and the book "Casino Women" tells their stories.  But what's life like behind-the-scenes, when they deal with unruly guests, try to climb the ladder, or even try to unionize?  How did they unionize when they were earning low wages, and their co-workers were afraid to cross the picket lines or even take their union fliers?  And what challenges do women face that men don't?  We talk to the co-author of "Casino Women," and female workers who changed life for those working on the Strip.  Are you a woman working on the Strip?  How have conditions changed for you?  What difficulties do you face that men don't?
The authors of "Casino Women" will be speaking at the Vegas Valley Book Festival this Saturday, Nov. 5, at 10:15 a.m. at the Historic Fifth Street School Auditorium.

Susan Chandler, author, Casino Women: Courage in Unexpected Places; Assoc Prof of Social Work, UNR
Geonconda Arguello-Kline, Pres, Culinary Workers Union Local 226
Mirna Preciado, rep, Culinary Workers Union Local 226

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