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Can We Trust in Government

In a world where politicians regularly throw barbs across the aisle and pundits grumble about broken promises, Richard Harwood looks for the silver lining.  "We need to release ourselves from our resignation that public life and politics has to be the way that it is today, and declare that it can be better," he says. 

Since he founded The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, he's pushed for neighborhood discussions on how we can improve our country, and what it will take to trust government.  Do you trust your politicians?  The media?  Who do you trust in your community?  If you don't trust the government, what would have to change to reinstill that sense of faith? 

Richard Harwood and Las Vegas community leaders weigh in.  Tell us what you think.

Richard Harwood, Founder and Pres, The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation
Steve Sebelius, columnist, LVRJ
Pastor Robert Fowler, Sr Pastor, Victory Missionary Baptist Church
Gard Jameson, Chair, Interfaith Council; Pres, Children's Advocacy Alliance
Dina Neal, Nevada state assemblywoman, District No. 7

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011