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The economy in Las Vegas has illustrated the worst the recession has had to offer over the past few years. Record foreclosures and unemployment coupled with slow tourism have put Las Vegas and Nevada at the bottom of many lists that measure economic health. It's been difficult for economist and experts to predict when and how the economy in Las Vegas will recover and every month as measurements for housing, tourism and consumer spending come out there have often been surprises, good and bad. So what can we learn from the past and what does the future hold? We're joined by a panel of experts as well as two unemployed citizens and an MGM Resorts International executive to talk about the state of, and future of the Las Vegas economy.
Lawrence Pollard, BBC
Alan Feldman, Sr VP of Public Affairs, MGM Resorts Intl
John Restrepo, Principal, RCG Economics
James Richey, unemployed Las Vegas resident
Roma Blanche, unemployed Las Vegas resident
Lucy Flores, Nevada assemblywoman

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