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The rate of foreclosures has eased a little but short sales and foreclosures continue to dominate the local real estate market. Every street has "For Sale" signs and in some neighborhoods, the majority of homes are vacant, just waiting to be sold at some time in the not-so-near future. So what impact are foreclosures having on your neighborhood? Is it just empty? Has it brought graffiti or vandalism? Has it meant the loss of gardens, parks and other facilities many neighborhoods take for granted. We talk with local officials and we talk with a local couple that was determined to fight foreclosures. We see how their neighborhood is doing a year after we first heard about their determination to fight the decimation of their community.

Michelle and Neal Williams, Las Vegas homeowners
Kathi Thomas-Gibson, Outreach Coordinator, Office of Housing and Neighborhood Services City of North Las Vegas
Christine Johnson, Executive Dir, Housing For Nevada

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