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Friends of Nevada Wilderness

Friends of Nevada Wilderness

"The Las Vegas Valley has led the nation in metropolitan area growth, nearly doubling its population between 1990 and 2000. Increasing urbanization places growing pressure on our nearby wild places in the form of housing development, litter, irresponsible dirt bike and off-road vehicle drivers, plus vandalism of natural, historic and prehistoric treasures.

"Just beyond the urban sprawl of Las Vegas lie some of Nevada's wildest and most beautiful outdoor places. Red Rock Canyon, the Sheep Range, the Mt. Charleston Wilderness Area and many others are all right here in our own backyard. We have a responsibility to safeguard this backyard Wilderness in order to ensure open space and scenic beauty, provide recreational opportunities for all, and secure the health of our wildlife and beautiful Joshua trees. From the petroglyphs in the Virgin Mountains to the sandstone canyons of the Muddy Mountains, these places should be proteþßBÊ as Wilderness for all of us and future Nevadans to use and enjoy."

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