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As I was saying last week, if you’re looking for good food that’s as good as it is bad for you, good ole southern fried American food is hard to beat. And there’s a new kid in town at Sahara and Decatur that’s bringing some fresh and down home cooking to a genre that is sorely underrepresented in these here parts. SIMPLY SOUTHERN CAFÉ is the name and that about says it all. Like the name, there is nothing gussied up about this restaurant or the indigenous cuisine it serves. Down home southern cooking features highly seasoned, slow cooked ingredients that practically define the word succulent. That’s what pork ribs are all about and Simply Southern does them to a smoky falling-off-the-bone-turn that shames some other versions in town. Another southern staple, cornbread, is addictivly good, and there is nothing that goes as well with strongly flavored smoked and fried food. To be the real deal it must be warm, moist, slightly sweet and have an oh-so-slightly crunchy top. Sliced in half and slathered with good butter -- this delectable cake-like bread does triple duty as a starter, side dish, and dessert—if you want it to. But then you wouldn’t have room for the tasty and rib-stickin’ sides that come with every meal from the mashed potatoes to the macaroni and cheese, all are excellent.

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Only Popeye’s gives this fried chicken a run for its money--but SIMPLY SOUTHERN cuts the grease factor in half-- which doesn’t matter-to me---but someone said this might be a consideration for some of you health-conscious types. Now I know what some of you---are probably thinking-- (or thankin’ as Billy Bob Briggs might say) -- the words “fried chicken” and “health conscious” usually don’t collide in the same sentence. And don’t get me wrong, this food is heavy and not cardiologist certified, but that don’t mean that it ain’t goooood. If you want “good for you”, heck that’s what the collard greens are for. Eat a double order of these and I guarantee your insides’ll be whistlin’ Dixie.

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