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MEAT PROBLEMS The problem with all the steak houses in this town is all the problems you encounter with all of them. At Delmonico and Prime you have the reservation problem, at Morton’s you have the saran wrap problem, at Ruth’s Chris you have the butter problem and at Charlie Palmer’s steak you have the can’t stop eating ‘cuz the foods so good problem. Del Frisco’s has the hostess problem—they’re all so cute you can’t concentrate on the great steaks…and finally there’s Palm, where you always have the lobster problem.

Now there’s some problems a man just can’t solve alone. The most elemental ones like: what tie to wear, who to fall in love with and where to eat are the best left to women…so I thought I’d put these problems to a couple of loyal listeners…over lunch of course—and seek their solutions. My dining companions were not what the KNPR Billboard marketing mavens would have you believe. You know those giant signs depicting our typical listener as either some Suncity stud or a none-too-young lady poised to spring into mulching mode at the drop of a Lenadams Bon Mot. No—these two totally hot babes…uh…er…I mean listeners were more than willing to help me with my carnivorous conundrum. No pre-chewed food for them. In about the time it’s taken me to read this—a giant, perfectly grilled crustacean was devoured by them leading me to two conclusions…one:

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It’s nice to know that some of you need more than a rose trimming to get your motors running…and two: for the best steak in town I recommend the lobster at Palm…provided that Alexandra Goranson and Suzy Lamonica are dining with you. No problem TIJC

Copyright 2001 John A. Curtas

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Thursday, April 26, 2001
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