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Nevada Voters Have All The Margins Tax Power
Early voting began Saturday, and the fate of the Nevada Margin Tax For Public Schools Initiative, or Margins Tax, will soon be decided at the close of...
Las Vegas Receives Funding To Catch Up On Untested DNA
DNA can be a critical tool for solving crimes. New laws that require police departments to collect DNA from convicts and arrestees on crimes ranging...
State Senator Proposes Heroin Clinics To Solve Nevada's Drug Problem
A state senator wants to legalize heroin clinics in Nevada as a way to combat crime and fight drug addiction. Sen. Richard "Tick" Segerblom, D-Las Vegas...
It's An Ongoing Love Affair With Area 51
To the casual observer, a remote area of Edwards Air Force Base in the Nevada desert wouldn't look like much -- a dry lakebed, the odd Joshua tree and...

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The radioactive activist
I have worked in an atomic weapons depot, a veterans' psychiatric hospital and a perfectly awful mental hospital for juveniles, and in all of these places I did what I was told to do, and gave my notice when I had had it with the life they offered. The fact that I was able to follow almost any order, I owe to my Navy training. I am useful. I keep... [more]

Power to the people
Can rooftop solar open the door to personal energy independence in Nevada? Some sunny-minded pioneers hope to lead the way. It's 3 p.m. and 100 degrees on Michael Feder's roof, where he makes a "Voila!" gesture indicating the large, flat expanse that will soon contain his own personal power plant. Ironically, the glare and heat prevent us from... [more]

Eat this now!
In The Bunkhouse's previous, loveable-hellhole iteration, the kitchen could sometimes inspire you to ponder the life question, "Uh, did the cook just ash in my burger?" Thankfully, the recent revamp includes a total reimagining of the menu, for which we can thank former Herbs & Rye Chef Robert Henderson. My favorite so far: their unique take on the... [more]

lantana.jpg Desert Bloom
The call it a "second spring" Norm Schilling has some plan ideas to make Fall colorful in your yard. He has a checklist of plants looking their best, because now is the time to plant in Southern Nevada.

beatles.jpg Nevada Yesterdays
It's been a half century since the Beatles had a 'hard day's night,' right here in Las Vegas.

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