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'Dirty Harry – When The American Dream Became A Reality'
In 1951, the first Atom bomb was detonated over a section of remote desert, about 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Between 1951 and 1992, a total of 928...
Wanted: Nevada Cattle Killer
Wanted posters are being put up in Nevada, and it’s not a joke or a gimmick. The posters advertise a $20,600 reward for information leading to the...
Feds' Undercover Ruse Could Defy the Constitution
Earlier this year, during the World Cup, federal officials began to suspect that Chinese tourists were running an illegal sports book out of a suite at...
Wonder Women In Comics Make Their Mark
Kaboom! Pow! Crash! Blam! The colorful, artistic and graphic world of comic books has taken a life of its own due to popular comic conventions...

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Geek it up
From the fanboys and fangirls who power our pop culture to the techno wizards who shape our future, this is the time of the geek - just as the ancient prophecies foretold! Let's celebrate their spirit. These Las Vegas tech entrepreneurs are out to change the way you bank, shop, give, ride and eat. Jordan Kelley CEO, Robocoin Hes... [more]

Graditudinal adjustments:<br>Let's give thanks
"I'm thankful that you can drive about 25 minutes in any direction and be in the middle of beautiful and/or forbidding wilderness," says Desert Companion Editor, Andrew Kiraly. "I'm thankful for our corps of diehard Vegas defenders who spring up to fight for - and, more importantly, patiently explicate - our city whenever some national... [more]

The dish: Third-place mettle
Driven by a mission as much as a menu, Bronze Café proves you can be everything to everyone. What what! The five people behind the counter at Bronze Café shout it as a chorus in response to a sandwich order. (Confession: I couldn't help but echo in suit.) It's one of the last things you expect to hear when ordering a sandwich - okay, maybe at... [more]

bubian.jpg Desert Bloom
With glorious weather for our yards to fall back into bloom, Norm has some additional suggestions for color to add to the profusion of blooms for this time of year. (Web-only content)

battleborn.gif Nevada Yesterdays
Was it 'silver' or politics that tipped the scales in favor of Nevada statehood, 150 years ago. Here's Senator Richard Bryan with Nevada Yesterdays.

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