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Civility In The Online Age
It's easier than ever to snipe at someone anonymously, or behind the curtain of a clever username. But some would argue that this type of dialogue isn't...
What Does It Mean To Be
When a recent study said Nevada was the sixth most "emotionally recharged" state in the country, you might have wondered just what "emotionally...
Homeless Youth Organization Sees Success Since Scandal
According to the Clark County School District, more than 9,000 children were homeless in Clark County last year. Imagine – trying to concentrate on an...
AG Laxalt Joined Immigration-Order Lawsuit Without Governor's Support
When Governor Brian Sandoval won his election in November, he celebrated with Republicans, but not just because of his own victory. Benefiting from the...

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Our favorite buildings
An unapologetically subjective guide to the structures and spaces that define our city - and make it beautiful both inside and out. The immediate thing to love about the Las Vegas Library is not its pedigree - it was designed by starchitect Antoine Predock - or even its stylized wink at the desert, which so few of Vegas' major buildings... [more]

Zeit:  Three questions for Francis Battista on pet hoarding
Two major pet-hoarding incidents made headlines in Southern Nevada last year, each involving around 100 animals and one at a home from which dozens of cats had already been removed since 2010. It leaves people wondering what causes this behavior and what to do about it. Francis Battista has some thoughts, having participated in several major... [more]

At first bite: Wolf in hipster's clothing
At Due & Proper and Whist Stove & Spirits, the video poker tavern is revamped for a younger crowd. I often half-joke that for an authentic Las Vegas meal, your best bet is to grab a bite at a 24-hour video poker tavern. It's our city's equivalent of a New York City coffee shop or a Portland food cart parking lot - the kind of destination... [more]

The dish: Light year ahead
Is a healthier diet on your list of resolutions? You won't sacrifice an ounce of flavor with light dishes like these. Happy new year! If you suspect we're using this month's dining feature to nudge you to improve your diet in 2015 - yes, we're totally going there. However, we promise these five light, calorically responsible dishes don't... [more]

honeysuckle1.jpg Desert Bloom
Don't look at the calendar. Look at your plants to tell you what do to in the yard right now. Your plants think Spring is near, so use this time to transplant and prune. Desert Gardener Norm Schilling tells us what to look for.

Howard_Cannon.jpg Nevada Yesterdays
As politics go, winning one election doesn't necessarily mean an easy victory in the next one. The first Las Vegas resident to be elected to the Senate faced more challenges the second time around.

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