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BLM Says Drone Flights Pose Threats To Firefighters
The Bureau of Land Management in Nevada is warning drone pilots to keep their aircraft away from wildfires. The federal agency says it has counted at...
Can Soap Bars Save Lives?
Las Vegas hotels throw away 200,000 soap bars daily. At the same time there are parts of the U.S. and the world where one soap bar can save a life....
King Fire Rages In California
With 12,000 homes at risk east of Sacremento, the King fire has officials especially alarmed. California's drought-ravaged vegetation has left the...
Erin Bilbray Talks Middle East, Economy And More
Erin Bilbray has the name recognition – her father was a longtime former Congressman – but can she overcome a two-term incumbent and win Nevada’s 3rd...

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The 2014 Fall Culture Guide: Family food and festivals
So, how's your schedule look next week? And the week after that? And the week after that? Whether you're an art-lover, a dance aficionado, a foodie or a live music fan, our culture guide's got the goods for one very busy fall. And we mean busy in a good way - this year's calendar is brimming with sights, sounds and tastes to engage, inspire... [more]

Lion hearted
Omens don't beg for attention in Las Vegas. Everyone's on the lookout for them. You come to town on Flight 18 and it arrives 18 minutes early, your roulette bet is sealed. Your cab driver from the airport strikes you as looking like a taller, thinner, younger, Latino version of Bill Belicheck and you're beelining it to the sports book and... [more]

At first bite: More than a pretty name
Daytime cooking show queen Giada De Laurentiis has a lot to prove with her first restaurant. She does just that - with surprising flair and flavor Unless you're a diehard fan of Food Network personality Giada De Laurentiis, it would be difficult to visit GIADA - her new namesake restaurant - without a critical eye. De Laurentiis, 43, has never... [more]

almond_1_norm.jpg Desert Bloom
Norm describes a significant casualty of the desert heat. There's going to be a big gap in Norm's Yard and a lesson on the reality of our desert landscape.

beatles.jpg Nevada Yesterdays
It's been a half century since the Beatles had a 'hard day's night,' right here in Las Vegas.

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