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Today we explore how mountains and forests are being impacted by climate change and, in turn, affecting our health. An economist and a doctor connect a...
Eating In The Heat
What we grow, eat and trade all impact the climate. As temperatures and global population rise, we'll need to find new ways to feed a hot and crowded...
When Water Scarcity Leads To Conflict
Earth's most precious resource doesn't fire bullets or explode, but it is guarded, hoarded, and stolen in a way that ignites political tensions locally...
Combating Drought
Millions of farmers in California, Africa, and South Asia are facing severe water issues. In times of drought or overuse of rainwater, many of them are...

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Best Doctors 2014
Your health is your most precious investment. Why choose a doctor that's second best? That's why we partnered with Best Doctors, Inc., whose researchers find the nation's best physicians in dozens of specialties. In Nevada, they've identified 95 doctors in 38 specialties who meet their standards for effectiveness and expertise. How to use... [more]

The wizard behind the curtain
When you gasp in wonder at a Strip show illusion, that's the magic of Thom Rubino. Thom who? Exactly? Thom Rubino is really into choppers. How's a chopper work? Come in! Come in! He'll show you. You've got to try it, he says in his living room, surrounded by magic paraphernalia, illusion books and wizard figurines. He holds up a mini guillotine... [more]

At first bite: The French reconnection
Daniel Boulud returns to town with a modern brasserie. French fries? Of course - and so much more. Like every other celebrity chef these days, Daniel Boulud makes a signature burger with fries - three kinds, in fact. (I'm partial to The Piggie, topped with pulled pork so good you'd think you were in Memphis.) Just don't expect it to arrive in a... [more]

pesticide.jpg Desert Bloom
Choosing a method for ridding your garden of an unwanted guest, be it bug or weed, is not always a simple choice. But the more you know, the better it goes. Here's Angela O'Callaghan

civilrights.jpg Nevada Yesterdays
When the Civil Rights Act was passed a half century ago, not everyone within Nevada's political circles was onboard with it. The decision was not a simple one for some Nevada Senators.

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