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Billy Bob Briggs

Howdy sports fans, this here's Billy Bob Briggs coming to you … from your own backyard … and let me tell ya folks … IT COULD USE SOME WORK. What I’m talking about is your restaurant scene … which is more like obscene if you ask me … which is what these eggheads--uh, excuse me--what these here uhhh longhairs have asked me to do. They tell me ole sweetbread boy has kinda gone all soft on 'em--praising this and loving that custard place so much that people started a thinkin' he had a piece of the action. Yup, it was time to toughen up Mr. Softee--or at least put the boy out to pasture for awhile … and the bog guys knew just the man for the job. They knew they could trust ole Billy Bob. And I told 'em that if yours truly has apiece of anything, it won't have strawberries and fudge sauce all over . . . ya know, I better quit while I'm ahead on this one. Anyway you get the point … and she did too--ha ha ha … ok, back to business. So while Johnny Taco is chowing down--excuse me DINING--in one of those places with more forks than sense--you're gonna be hearing from me where to find the best priced food in town. And you're gonna be hearing it pardners from only the best taste buds west of the Pecos (uh, that'd be me). Truth be told--I've been told to tell you that some British food snob named Algernon or Algie, with a whole lot of hyphens in his name … may show up and throw his opinions around too. I know what you're thinkin' … what can some foreigner, whose named after a pool fungus, to tell me about American food. I guarantee when I'm done with him--toasted redcoat hieney will be the only food he's thinking about. So tune in next week folks to hear what all the shoutin's about.

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This here's Billy Bob Briggs coming to you from the eternal salvation drive-in and baptismal car wash, also known as KNPR Nevada Public Radio.

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Thursday, June 29, 2000
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