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Investigations reveal truth behind a Henderson police cover-up, ghost guns in Nevada

Rich Pedroncelli

A cover-up in the Henderson Police Department and two big stories revolving around matters in local police departments emerged in last week.

One focused on what the Las Vegas Review-Journal described as a cover-up of a Henderson police officer’s alleged driving under the influence incident.

The story about discrepancies between what Governor Joe Lombardo, who used to be the head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said about the number of ghost guns found by his officers when he was a candidate for governor.

Ghost guns don’t have serial numbers. And a Nevada company has been one of the main manufacturers of kits that people can buy to assemble those guns.

Then-candidate Lombardo said it wasn’t a big issue for Metro, as his department had only dealt with a handful of incidents where those guns were found. Then, as governor, he last year vetoed a bill that would have banned ghost guns.

But a new report by KUNR in Reno and American Public Media actually said something quite different. After reviewing tens of thousands of Metro records, they found hundreds of guns had been found in relation to incidents handled by police. And the number is growing every year.

Guests: Bert Johnson, reporter, KUNR; Briana Erickson, investigative reporter, Las Vegas Review-Journal

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