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UNLV program works to connect Indigenous students to Nevada universities

UNLV building


Indigenous communities have historically been wary of the American education system, and with good reason.  

Academic misinformation, the Morill Act, the boarding school system: All aspects of American schools and universities that have represented devastating consequences for Native nations.  

According to the Post-secondary National Policy Institute, 24% of Native American and Alaska Native students attend a college or university, compared to 41% of the general population in the U.S.  

Despite these numbers, the early outreach program at University of Nevada, Las Vegas is hoping to change some things.

The Native Youth summer camp at UNLV sought to bring students from the Indigenous community to the university and experience a bit of what higher ed has to offer. 

Devan Harris is the associate director for the program, and Sarah Mae Agilby is the undergraduate social work researcher whose work informed much of the activity planned for the program.  

Devan Harris, early outreach coordinator, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Sarah Mae Agbilay, undergraduate researcher, UNLV; Myrton Running Wolf, assistant professor of race and media, University of Nevada-Reno

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