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Icing on the Cupcake: Abandoned pig improving, awaits adoption (aired 2021)

Courtesy Animal Foundation

Animal Foundation technicians care for Cupcake shortly after the potbellied pig was found abandoned in early June.

Originally aired: July 22, 2021

We're doing a summer series, looking back at some of the interesting people and topics we've talked about on State of Nevada over last several years. 

An extremely obese potbellied pig dubbed Cupcake has been recovering since it was found abandoned in a dog crate left outside a Las Vegas home last month.

The female pig was taken to the Animal Foundation, where its health has been improving with veterinary care and a balanced diet.

Cupcake is losing weight but still has challenges getting around, said Tasha Crabtree, the foundation’s veterinary services manager. She said Cupcake might also face behavioral and socialization issues, which frequently arise in obese pigs.

Cupcake was discovered in a wire crate outside a home in southeast Las Vegas on June 2 and weighed 175 pounds, well above the 90 to 125 pounds typical of the species.

Crabtree suspects Cupcake was abandoned after she became too big for her previous owners to handle.

“My initial thought would be that they may not have anticipated having an animal this large,” she said. “A lot of people will get pigs that they think are gonna stay small, and they don't stay small.”

Crabtree said she expects Cupcake will be healthy enough to adopt in a few months.


Tasha Crabtree, veterinary services manager, Animal Foundation

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