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Ain't Necessarily So
Ain't Necessarily So

Dayvid Figler shares his unique perspective on pop culture on KNPR. Selected commentaries can also be heard on National Public Radio's All Things Considered.

Dayvid's books, Merry Christmas, Jewboy and Grope may be found at Last Gasp.

  • As strange as the battle for Harry Reid's Senate seat has become in recent days, commentator Dayvid Figler thinks we could stand to show a bit more…
  • On two different occasions President Obama has talked about responsible spending as not spending a lot of money in Las Vegas. Dayvid Figler isn't all that…
  • The opening of City Center has drawn news coverage from around the world. But closer to home, Dayvid Figler isn't in the mood to follow the crowd.
  • Gusty winds are an annual part of winter in Las Vegas, and for Dayvid Figler that's fine...Dayvid Figler is a lawyer and humorist based in Las Vegas. You…
  • Human growth hormone has been a topic of heated discussion in the sports world. But HGH has some merit well beyond sports. Here's Dayvid Figler.
  • It's no fun being jilted, especially when political caususes have finished and the jilters have moved on to the next primary state. On Valentine's Day,…
  • Don't feed the homeless. Help the homeless. Dayvid Figler hopes everyone involved in the issue can come together.
  • Dayvid Figler ponders the stories missed during a creative break.
  • Don't even start with ''your'' stressful life. Dayvid Figler will beat you everytime.
  • Dayvid Figler has some thoughts on boxing tickets, ethics and comps.