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Shoshone language to be added to Nye County voting materials

AP Photo/John Locher,File

A big change is coming to the ballot box in Nye County. The Shoshone language will now be part of voting materials. 

The change comes because the Voting Rights Act of 1965 says that if more than 5% of a locality speak a minority language, that language must be part of voting materials, such as ballots. 

But it won’t happen without some challenges. The Shoshone language is traditionally unwritten, so it will mean having interpreters at the polls.   

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Allison Neswood, a staff attorney for the Native American Rights Fund, told the Nevada Current:   

“There’s a complexity there, but it is possible and it has been done. Both the country and tribe will need to troubleshoot and learn what methodology will work with this unique language.”  

The changes to the ballot will take effect through the 2024 and 2026 elections. 

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