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Peaceful Rallies Held Around Southern Nevada For Black Lives Matter Movement

Peaceful demonstrations and rallies have continued around the country – drawing attention to the death of George Floyd and other black Americans who have died in confrontations with police.

A number of peaceful protests took place in Las Vegas over the weekend. Among them was a vigil Friday night where several thousand people gathered at Kianga Isoke Palacio Park, formerly Doolittle Park.

Speakers ranged from civil rights activists to local officials. Las Vegas mom Monekeo Allen was there with two of her three sons.  

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“Well, because I believe black lives matter," she said. "And I believe the injustice, the police brutality it needs to stop, and there needs to be laws in place. No longer just us hoping. We need real live laws to change. Otherwise, we’ll be here again come 20 years.” 

There were other gatherings as well, including two Sunday evening, one outside The Venetian and another at the Martin Luther King Jr. statue in North Las Vegas.