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Legislative Counsel Bureau Seeks $72.4 Million Budget

The Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau is seeking $72.4 million for the coming biennium.

The Nevada Appeal reports that that is a 7.1 percent increase in its current budget.
Bureau Director Rick Combs told the Legislative Commission he's seeking permission to use $1.84 million in one-shot expenditures for a laundry list of projects.

Combs says one reason for the increase is transferring $552,720 in publications revenue from the Legal Division budget to offset the cost of the 2019 session. When that's figured in, the increase in General Fund drops to 6.3 percent or $4.3 million.
The Legislative Commission approved forwarding the proposed budget to the governor for inclusion in the state budget package that lawmakers will begin reviewing in January.

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That total includes $1.72 million for the interim Senate and Assembly staff and operating costs between sessions.