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Allen Rheinhart is running for Senate as a Democrat. KNPR News sent out a questionnaire. Here are his responses.

Question: Education in Nevada is ranked dead last or close to it. What, at the federal level, can you do to help improve education in Nevada?

Answer: I marvel at the nature of your 10 right-wing questions that you send to me, a "Progressive Democratic" candidate for a US Senate seat. Education in Nevada is right where those in Carson City want it to be, at the very bottom [nationally] because they don't want public education - at all. They wish to raise a local populace of marginally educated, barely literate -- life long entry level, minimum wage job seekers.  So, how the does a US Senator get them to properly educate the Nevada populace of children when they seek otherwise?  All the 'earmarks' on earth (from me as a US Senator) aren't going to change that Carson City mindset to actually use it [Earmarks] as intended by me - hence, they all need to be changed, both Democrats and Republicans standing in the doorway of progress for Nevada's children, so that Nevada children can be educated to rise well about service worker, minimum wage jobs that will never, ever have them doing anything with their lives but working their lives away just to survive.       

Support comes from

Question: Do you support the Dream Act? Do you think the U.S. needs to build a wall between it and Mexico? Do you have a different idea on how to deal with illegal immigration to the United States?

Answer: Again. your questions are all from the vantage of a right wing orthodoxy. That I support the Dream Act goes without saying, and will say so from the floor of the US Senate if elected.  There are no illegal human beings anywhere on planet earth - hence, no need to build walls. Deeply racist nations build walls to keep people out.  

Question: Housing costs are skyrocketing in Reno and Las Vegas, and both metropolitan areas are having a difficult time providing affordable homes or apartments to the growing numbers of people moving there. How do you propose increasing investment in affordable housing?

Answer: When absent decent, affordable housing it is the governments responsibility to build that housing so that human beings have a decent place to live.   

Question: Nevada voters in 2016 approved slightly more stringent background checks, especially between private sellers of weapons. It did not happen after the NV Attorney General refused to enforce it, saying the technicalities of the background checks were prohibitive. Do you think that should have been enforced? Does the United States need more stringent background checks? In what form?  

Answer: It's apparent to me, from your questions that your listening audience are all right wing republicans entirely lacking in basic common sense. Background checks are a no-brainer.  From school shootings to public massacres that happen almost daily in America multi-level background checks are mandatory. No clear thinking person should have to be told this. How much slaughter is too much before right wing thinkers say-enough?  Perhaps when it visits their lives, someone with a weapon made for a war zone murders someone they love, then they'll see the picture with clarity.          

Question: Do you support the opening of Yucca Mountain for the storage of the nation’s high-level nuclear waste?

Answer: Nevada isn't a trash dump, nuclear or otherwise. And, as a US Senator they'll never use Nevada as one with me in the senate-ever, so the issue us a dead one. 

Question: Do you want to turn back the Affordable Care Act, or expand it? Why?

Answer: There should be Universal Healthcare/ Medicare for All. The ACA didn't go far enough, all it did was delver us to a for-pay healthcare system.   

Question: Are you able to, or do you want to, work across the partisan divide in Congress.

Answer: No, absolutely not......this Congress is the worst Republican Congress in the history of our republic. I oppose and will continue to (until they're in the minority again) any and all legislation forwarded by this gang of political hacks on the republican side.  Much of the legislation forwarded in this 115th congress has been supported by Jacky Rosen. From HR 1697 that seeks to protect a criminal class [Apartheid] Israel from the BDS Movement with 20 years imprisonment for any American supporting BDS. How Congresswoman Rosen has crossed over to stand with Republicans on legislation no Democrat should be part of is unconscionable. Nevada citizens that don't know of her voting record should email me and I'll present it all to them.  Jacky Rosen is a Republican masquerading as a Democrat.   

Question: From your background, what have you done that demonstrates you are someone willing to compromise with others you might oppose ideologically?

Answer. I have zero intentions of compromising with any Republican legislation - zero. Republican ideology has proven itself to be the enemy of human decency, It cares nothing for our human family, oh, it pretends to care, but clearly the results of their warped beliefs have done nothing but set the human family back.  

Question: Nevada has Nellis, Fallon and Creech Air Force bases. Do you support an increase in military spending?

 Answer: No, absolutely not. I will not support any further increases in military spending - not another penny.  When a nation spends more on weapons of war than it does on education, housing and its own [failed] infrastructure, what you have is a nation that's lost it way.  The associated costs of our military spending annually is over $1 Trillion Dollars.  We've prosecuted 2 wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) costing over $2.4 Trillion dollars - no, not another penny.    

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