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The Race For Governor: Edward Dundas

Edward Dundas is running for governor as a Republican. KNPR News sent out a questionnaire and received the following answers:


Question: Education in Nevada is ranked dead last or close to it. What does it need to improve?

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A: Specialized partnerships with private companies to make our students prepared for tomorrows(sic) jobs. Microsoft or Apple to teach coding; Jiffy Lube to teach car maintenance; nursery to teach growing food

Question: Mental health is becoming a growing problem in the state. To fix it would require a lot of money. Where would that money come from?

A: Start a program with the VA that can be replicated once proven successful

Question: Housing costs are going up in Reno and Las Vegas, and both metropolitan areas are having a difficult time providing affordable homes or apartments to the growing numbers of people moving there. How do you propose increasing investment in affordable housing?

A: Encourage Habitat for Humanity to do more in Nevada - then hold people who get the homes to be accountable

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Question: Was it a good idea for Las Vegas to invest $750 million in room taxes to build a stadium for a professional football team? If not, why not? If so, how do you think it will benefit Nevada?

A: The stadium will be a huge benefit to UNLV football. The NFL games will attract fans from Raider opposition for example when the Packers come to town people from Wisconsin will stay five days

Question: Does Nevada need to enact any laws related to background checks to obtain a weapon in the state?

A: No new laws but it is very important that background checks have up to date real information  - government should be accountable for not putting concerns in the record in a timely manner