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Dayle Elieson Appointed Nevada's U.S. Attorney

Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro on Wednesday appointed Dayle Elieson to be Nevada’s U.S. attorney until the Senate can confirm a candidate for the job.

Elieson was appointed as Nevada’s acting U.S. attorney by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in January. That appointment was only good for 120 days and is set to expire on May 4, and President Donald Trump has yet to nominate a candidate for Senate consideration to confirm for the permanent role.

According to Navarro’s order, such a nomination and confirmation will not happen before Elieson’s appointment expires on May 4.

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Under the Constitution, if the Senate has not confirmed a permanent candidate by the end of that interim period, the federal courts can appoint someone to the position until the vacancy is filled.

Elieson’s new appointment begins on May 5.