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Nevada Governor Vetoes Bill To Open ‘Medicaid For All’

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is nixing a Democratic bill to become the first state to further expand Medicaid by opening the government-subsidized health care program to anyone, regardless of need.

Sandoval vetoed the policy proposal Friday just hours ahead of a deadline to act on the bill before it would have automatically become law.

Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle's proposal would also have required approval from President Donald Trump's administration.

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The legislation is a far cry from a fully socialized health care model, but proposals like Sprinkle's to remove eligibility requirements from government-subsidized insurance make a significant step in that direction.

It would remove the low-income eligibility requirements that currently limit who can enroll in Medicaid. People would be able to sign up through the state health exchange for plans identical to certain Medicaid services.