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Bill To Wipe Marijuana Crimes Introduced In Assembly

Nevadans who have been convicted of marijuana crimes could have them wiped from their criminal record, if a bill introduced this week in the legislature becomes law. 

After November’s passing of Ballot Question 2, possessing and using one ounce or less of marijuana is no longer illegal in Nevada. Assemblyman William McCurdy, who sponsored the bill, said those convicted of using the now-legal amount in the past should not have to carry those burdens. 

Nevadans charged for possessing or using more than the legal limit would not be eligible to have their convictions removed. McCurdy’s bill also does not cover those convicted of selling marijuana or transporting it over state lines, which is currently still illegal in Nevada.

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Inmates convicted on drug charges who show “good cause” and whose convictions did not include a physical altercation or the possession of any weapons would be eligible for early release under AB259.