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Legislator Proposes Abolishing State Treasurer, Controller Offices

A longshot proposal from Assemblyman Elliot Anderson, D-Las Vegas, would abolish the offices of two statewide elected officials who oversee Nevada's finances.

Billions of dollars pass through the offices of the state treasurer and controller every year. Breaking apart and passing on their responsibilities as Anderson seeks to do would be a massive undertaking that would have to be approved by Nevada voters.

Anderson says they're dispensable positions, "ministerial and technical in nature, generally lacking the discretionary responsibilities customarily exercised by elected officials."

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For those reasons, he wants to see their duties absorbed by other members of the executive branch and leave it to future Nevada lawmakers to decide exactly how to dole out the responsibilities.

State Treasurer Dan Schwartz has repeatedly butted heads with legislators who believe Schwartz abuses his discretion every time he promotes the state's more conservative programs instead of simply administering them.

Lawmakers will discuss Assembly Joint Resolution 6 on Tuesday.