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Racetrack Playa Vandalism Suspect Identified

Investigators looking into recent vandalism at Death Valley National Park's Racetrack Playa have identified a suspect in the case.

The Las Vegas Sun reports the playa was damaged last month with tire tracks after someone took a joyride through the lake bed.

The area is home to large rocks that move across the playa due to melting ice.

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It's far from the first instance of vandalism at Death Valley this year.

Earlier in the summer, a California woman was found guilty of painting faces on rocks in the park.

In May, three Nevadans were charged with felonies after disturbing the habitat of the endangered Devil's Hole pupfish, killing one of the fish.

Researchers believe it may take some time for the playa to be repaired properly.

Casey Morell is the coordinating producer of Nevada Public Radio's flagship broadcast State of Nevada and one of the station's midday newscast announcers. (He's also been interviewed by Jimmy Fallon, whatever that's worth.)