State Assembly District 12 Mark Riggins - Republican

Name: Mark Riggins

Office: State Assembly, District 12









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Party Affiliation: Republican


Question: In a 140 characters, introduce yourself as if you are introducing yourself to a neighbor.

I’m Mark Riggins, a retired educator. I'm running to represent you in the State Assembly. Tell me something about your thoughts and concerns.

Question: Last legislative session, the major initiative was a tax increase to support education in the state. What should the major accomplishment of 2017 legislature be? 

This sessions major accomplishment should be the implementation of the educational advances started in the last session, especially the deconsolidation and empowerment of schools in Clark County and fully funding the weighted funding formula being phased in.

Question: If recreational marijuana is legalized by voters in this state, do you want revenue from it to fund health initiatives, research and/or youth awareness campaigns?

I would like for half of the net proceeds from this tax to go towards reducing current taxes and fees on micro-businesses (5 employees or less), providing a capital fund for smaller loans and training for people who wish to start a micro-business, and beginning to reduce licensing restrictions on areas such as barbering, hair braiding and other areas where public safety is not put at risk. If there is any money left over in this half, it could go towards helping small businesses expand or encouraging businesses to create full-time positions with benefits.  The other half of the money should go towards health initiatives, especially giving more families medical care and helping with co-pays and co-insurance for the poor, and youth awareness campaigns.

Question: Many elected officials in Clark County say they’d like to see the property tax cap changed – that its time because tax revenues aren’t meeting budgets. Is that an idea you want to see the legislature tackle?

This is a sensitive issue. Property taxes are a critical component of school funding and the cap is causing pains in school funding. Barring a change to school funding, which would actually be the best option, it is possible that a change in the cap will have to be imposed. If so, I would insist on protection for the elderly on a fixed income so that their property tax percentage increases could not exceed the increase percentage in their social security check. Overall though., I prefer we find another way to fund the schools and leave the cap in place.

Question: Do you support the construction of a taxpayer-funded NFL stadium?

With the current plan to build the stadium as a government owned stadium funded primarily by charitable contributions, I believe it is a benefit to the taxpayers. Here are some of my reasons:

  1.      Moody’s, the bond credit rating company, raised the bond ratings of a number of cities once plans to build a stadium was announced. If this were to happen in Nevada, it would save us money on any bonds we issued and help to offset the contributions to the stadium.
  2.      The Raiders have offered to sign a 30 year contract which will greatly reduce the risk. Most stadiums that had problems were due to the teams only having short leases that ended long before the payments were made for the stadium. In this case the lease would be 10 years longer than the planned payments.
  3.      This would increase tourism, sports wagering, and merchandise sales, resulting in additional revenues and jobs.
  4.      The construction and ensuing support businesses would create needed jobs and increased revenues..
  5.      The publicity of the team and the possibility of a Super Bowl or playoff game would enhance the excitement of Las Vegas internationally and help with increased tourism.



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