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U.S. Senate - Thomas "Tom" Sawyer - No Political Party

Name: Thomas "Tom" Sawyer

Office: U.S. Senate

Party Affliation: No political party

Biography provided by the candidate:

Hello I'm Tom Sawyer, a Christian man with Christian values. I believe that God is the only person that Truth can come from.

My working career began in railroading with a detour during Vietnam in the U.S. Army. I returned to railroading and worked in various positions from accounting to switching cars and riding trains. I know what work is and know that working gives a man pride. I would like to see every person who wants a job be able to gain one. Education is the key to getting a job.

With education, we learn values and necessary skills to help us succeed. We must decide as a nation if we want all children K-12 a good education.

Then, we must vote for candidates that truly believe the same. If you don't vote, your part of the problem.

Question: Do you support ANY form of background check for gun sales?

No, what have they done? I support proof that you have knowledge of weapons in both safety and use.

Question: What is your plan to work across the aisle to end partisan gridlock? 

As an independent candidate, I would like to see more independents so that more effort is putting on running the country than keeping a party.

Support comes from

Question: What is the ONE  Nevada issue you plan to bring to the national dialogue?  

How do we really want to handle Solar and other green energy issues. Right now we throw money at it and how it works.

Question: Rooftop solar vs. the state’s power utility –and potentially breaking up the energy monopoly in Nevada -- is shaping up to be one of this year’s greatest battles in the state. Should Nevada break up NV Energy’s regulated monopoly

The Federal government offered grants and subsidies for various forms of green energy. Unfortunately it was never clear how it would deal with connection to the utility companies. In Nevada, companies that made it affordable were not able to offer 100% or more power production. So is the goal green energy or another way to get in to consumers pockets.

(Editor's note: The candidate's biography and answers were not edited for content or length)


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