Monday night from 6 p.m. until 1:30 a.m., the Small Space Fest takes over the Emergency Arts building on Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas.

The organizers of the festival are describing it as a “fusion of art works.” The work of about 80 artists will be on view - art on the walls, performance art, dance, experimental noise, music – a diverse potpourri of artistic expression. 

The Small Space Fest is the brainchild of the three-person arts collective called Weft in the Weave.


What does Weft in the Weave mean?

Our image is that we bring together all of these different artistic art forms that excite us, that ignite our imaginations, and we weave them together to form one collective whole.

Where does the "Small Space Fest" name come from?

We believe that a series of small acts or small ideas together can create something large. Something that can really make a real transformative difference. 

In the Emergency Arts building, there are a lot of small spaces for example drawers, cabinets, broom closets, corners. If we insert art into each of these small space, it collectively becomes an electrifying sort of experience.

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What happens when you walk into the space?

You go through a portal where two of our local artists Mikayla Whitmore and Justin Favela are installing the entire hallway.... You walk through the portal, and you come out the other side will be art on the walls. There will be art happening in performances throughout the space. There will be dancers passing. There will be sounds coming from the top of the stairwell and maybe your imagination hears that sound and wants to take you up the stairs. That's the point of having this real collection of things happening. 

Why do this entire building full of interactive art?

It's all about heart. We're doing this on a very, very small budget. Part of that is intentional. We really believe that the arts are necessary for humanity. That that sense of wonder, that creativity that we all have when we're born, it's always inside of us. Sometimes when we get older it kind of gets buried and we forget. 

This is a chance to come and experience that sense of wonder that is still inside of you. It's not about money. It's about connections. It's about artists of different disciplines coming into a space and creating something that is for everybody. 



Heidi Rider, artistic director, Weft In The Weave

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