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Persons Wearing KKK Outfits Asked To Leave GOP Caucus Site In Las Vegas

Authorities say two people wearing Ku Klux Klan outfits and carrying handwritten signs supporting Donald Trump were asked to leave a sidewalk outside a Las Vegas school caucus site.

Las Vegas police Officer Jesse Roybal said no arrests were made after officers responded to complaints Tuesday at Cimarron-Memorial High School.

Roybal said callers characterized the clothing worn as "KKK-style attire."

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Nevada university Regent Allison Stephens was among black elected officials exchanging social media photos showing the protesters wearing cone-shaped white hoods and white robes.

One had a sign saying "Trump speaks 4 me" and "Trump 2016. Make America great again."

The other had a sign referring to "President Trump."

Stephens said a police officer at the site told her people dressed like the Klan had been there, but left.