This High-Speed Train Might -- Might -- Just Happen


By California High-Speed Rail Authority [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The high-speed train connecting the Las Vegas Valley to California might finally become a reality.

The drive between Los Angeles and Las Vegas has been the dread of holiday travelers for decades. And for at least 30 years, officials have talked about building a high-speed rail between the two locales.

Now, that talk could turn to reality.

Nevada's High Speed Rail Authority chose Xpress West as a franchisee for the rail, which would be 185 miles long and hook into high-speed rail already being built.

Rick Velotta, transportation reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, said though Nevadans have grown used to talk of a high-speed passenger line, this time it could happen.

Groundbreaking could take place late next year.


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Rick Velotta, transportation reporter, Las Vegas Review-Journal 

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