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Special Use Permits Considered For Brothels With New Owners

MOUND HOUSE, Nev. (AP) — Lyon County officials will consider new specialty permits for the new owners of two existing brothels in the Mound House area.

The Reno Gazette-Journal reports that Lyon County Board of Commissioners will meet Thursday and discuss new special use permits for the Kit Kat Ranch and the Sagebrush Ranch.

According to a letter from the new owners, Dennis Hof bought the Kit Kat Ranch in October 2012 and has since cleaned and renovated the facility. Hof also bought Sagebrush in July 2013.

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Hof has been involved in brothel ownership in the area for several years.

Kit Kat Ranch has been operating with the permit since it was first required in 1980. Sagebrush has been running under a special use permit since 1993.