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Las Vegas Literary Mag Highlights Women


Helen: A Literary Magazine

A new literary magazine focuses on the unique voices of Nevada women.

Named after early ranching pioneer Helen Stewart, a new literary magazine has published its inaugural edition, and is upcoming on its second biannual publication date.

"Helen: A Literary Magazine" is a testament to the growing arts and literary community of Las Vegas, and aspires to be a venue of expression for those very voices. While accepting submissions from anyone, Helen mainly seeks to highlight the poetry, art, photography and short stories from women artists and writers.

Publisher and founding editor Jocelyn Kelly said that focus is what makes the magazine unique to other literary magazines throughout Nevada. According to the magazine’s website, it seeks “pieces that feature a distinct flavor and sentiment of Vegas culture, the kind of stories that highlight the ordinary as well as the extraordinary.”

Editors and contributors of "Helen: A Literary Magazine" will attend the Las Vegas Writers Conference April 23-25 at Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall. For more information about Helen or upcoming issues, visit

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Jocelyn Kelly, publisher and founding editor, "Helen: A Literary Magazine"

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