A Day In The Life Of A Mormon Missionary In Las Vegas

 Summers might be especially hard for the young men and women from all over the world who come together here in Las Vegas, despite the heat, to spread the beliefs of their church.

You see them on the streets, walking from door to door in their Sunday best, evangelizing on behalf of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Waking before dawn and working into the night, Mormon missionaries leave behind the typical fixtures of youth their age – giving up social media, sports, social events, even interaction with family – for the next two years of their lives.

There are hundreds of missionaries at any given time in Las Vegas, who are paired with a single companion to spend nearly every waking minute together, come rain or, mostly, shine.

KNPR spoke to two of these missionaries nearing the end of their term in Las Vegas, and got a sense of what a day in their shoes is like. They press on despite doors slamming, rude behavior and quirky characters.

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It all has to do with a devout belief in their faith, of course, but how else does a person change after embarking on such a unique journey? What did they learn about one another that will stick with them long after their time spent traversing the streets of Las Vegas?


Kyle Frost, 20, Mesa, Ariz.

Kevin Birch, 22, Seattle, Wash.

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