Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa On Immigration

In a conversation that touched on the Affordable Care Act and the socio-political dynamics of the 2012 election cycle,  Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa talks about pushing to pass the California Trust Act.  The legislation has been dubbed the "anti-Arizona" bill, because it protects illegal immigrants from status checks by police.
"In California, the most diverse state in the nation, we don't want to go the Arizona or Alabama route," Vallaraigosa says. "We want to create a path that says these people are here, they're working, they're paying taxes. We've got a broken immigration system, we need to fix it. We don't need to go after people who aren't breaking the law."
Villaraigosa was in Las Vegas this week to address the National Council of La Raza National Conference. In his speech, Villaraigosa said “We know that America is better than Arizona’s law SB 1070.”


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