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Rick Springfield
joins Nate Tannenbaum

who's that other guy in the photo?

Scoobee (aka Gomer), Rick Springfield, Nate Tannenbaum


February 17, 2002 on Guess Who's Playing the Classics? Nate Tannenbaum's guest was Rick Springfield, star of EFX Alive at the MGM Grand.

Rick Springfield recently signed to continue as star of the multi-media extravaganza EFX Alive. His second year in the show comes after years as a singer and actor. Born in Australia, he moved to the United States in 1972, eventually recording several top ten hits and appearing as an actor in numerous TV shows.

Due to copyright restrictions we are unable to post audio from the entire program. But we do provide audio from the intervew portions of GWPTC. Listen with RealPlayer.

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