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Do We Care Enough? The Climate Crisis In Nevada

Do We Care Enough? The Climate Crisis In Nevada

The most comprehensive climate report to date shows the United States is facing an immediate threat from climate change. The report released in November of 2018 warns that - if not addressed immediately - the changing climate could lead to the deaths of thousands of Americans and a massive disruption to the country's economy.

Nevada is feeling the impacts of climate change intimately. Las Vegas and Reno are among the fastest-warming cities in the country. In fact,  Climate Central says Las Vegas is the fastest-warming city, moving up almost 6 degrees on average since 1970.

Heat is only part of the problem. Climate change is also impacting water resources, wildlife, and wildfire risks.

Desert Companion and State of Nevada have made a commitment to cover the urgent issue of climate change in an informal partnership with other media outlets around the world.

Throughout the year, we will be reporting on the impacts of climate change on the state, the solutions being offered to address the problem and adaptations that are already underway.