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Hit the road, Desert Companion readers! And while you're at it, have a look around. This issue invites you to not only escape to the outdoors, but also to think about the environmental issues affecting our pursuits and our world.

Cocktail of the Month: Land of Ginchantment

A green cocktail with a lemon slice floating on top
Heather Jacquart

At Vegas Vickie's

Winter cocktails are usually things of cinnamon and spice, cranberry and cream. To savor something that prepares you for the change of seasons, order the Land of Ginchantment at
Vegas Vickie’s in Circa. The beverage has a base of Hendrick’s gin and fino sherry, but neither takes a dominant role, blending subtly into the more verdural flavors of rose and snap pea syrup. It looks like a cloud and tastes like a garden — the perfect drink to order when you’re craving that first sip of spring.