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For decades, the wine space was dominated by men. Now, women are claiming their rightful seats at the sommelier table. In this series, meet the author and illustrator of a newly-published wine guide, say hello to Raider Nation's sommelier, and learn about the evolution of local women in wine

Three Questions for Sandra Taylor

Sandra Taylor walks through a vineyard
Sandra Taylor

She went from posing for romance novel covers, to starring in Garry Marshall movies, to recommending wines for Raider Nation

The young Sandra Taylor thought she’d grow up to be a mathematician like her father, but his untimely death prompted a change in direction. Taylor’s path wound through the New York modeling and Hollywood acting worlds to her current role as a sommelier for the Las Vegas Raiders, where she interacts with suite-holders on Allegiant Stadium’s 150 level.

How have your various careers cross-pollinated?
It’s been beneficial, being in front of the camera for 30 years. A lot of sommeliers are walking encyclopedias but not particularly outgoing. I love meeting people and performing. At the stadium on Sundays, it’s the Sandy show.

You’re the head sommelier at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills and have worked in restaurants and at private events. How is your Raiders experience different?
The fans at the stadium are so happy to have higher-tiered wines available to them for game day. It’s like they’re entertaining in their own living rooms.

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How do you make wines approachable?
I like to encompass the wine world and make it comfortable and fun and go to people’s levels. Wine is supposed to be shared. At the end of the day, do you like this wine? It doesn’t matter if it’s $4 billion or $4.