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Eat This Now: Truffle Fried Chicken

A plat of Truffle Fried Chicken with biscuits and sauce
Brent Holmes
Desert Companion

At Boom Bang Fine Food & Cocktails

As your plate arrives, you wonder, “Am I being pranked? Am I suddenly competing in a food challenge I didn’t know I signed up for?” Yes, you’ve eaten fried chicken many times — who hasn’t? — but never like this. The daily specials at Boom Bang are all notable, but Wednesday is something next level; it’s Truffle Fried Chicken night.

Upon first look, it’s as if chef Elia Aboumrad zapped the fowl with the machine from the movie, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid. On your plate is a half-chicken with an armor of skin worthy of a conquering Viking king. Brined for two days in truffle juice, truffle oil, buttermilk, and lemon, the bird underneath the crunchy pillow of skin is delightfully moist, the thick covering having allowed the protein to cook in its own juices.

Served with two biscuits, roasted vegetables, and hot herbed honey-butter, it’s a plate that any Southerner — or Nordic warrior — would be proud of.

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Boom Bang Fine Food & Cocktails
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