Harry Fagel is a longtime local poet. To hear him talk about his work and read this poem, click here.


Don’t panic the government isn’t watching you

You are not that interesting

With your low-brow pornography and your

Right or Left or Moderate or feeble or strong


Your rant on Facebook full of vitriolic and self-righteous anger

Barely would raise an eyebrow in a roomful of evangelists

Compared to anything remotely mattering

Yet somehow compelled you are to


Pontificate and remonstrate and really just mentally

(and physically I am sure) masturbate

I imagine your self-satisfied smug sense of smirking satiation

After reading the thoughts you have just published on the

World Wide Web

Is standing on a box and shouting really so different?

The anonymity of the internet makes strange actors indeed

If I really cared I guess I could ignore it or de-friend it or worse

Reply yet I can only wax poetic as my tears of laughter dry

Since when was this the fact farm?   This landscape of


This delusional truth this mess of things this backward unintelligible scrawl

Support comes from

Oooohhh did you see what she he they said?


Only it isn’t it’s just a low grade echo of nonsensical shite

I can’t help but widen my eyes in wonder at the wasted passion of so many

Swaying someone's opinion is a fantastic torpedo of time

Almost all the time

Yet this is how so many spend their time

Trying to change my mind

On the internet

Come smile with me and laugh a little and shake your head and

Bask in the entertainment washing on the shores of this electric landscape

Everytime we go to evolve we find a way to shove ourselves back to some archaic watershed

Some vacant vacuum of vicissitude

Some tumbling torrent of tumultuous talentless-ness

Some alliterative agony alongside the acrimony of acidic alienation

Some hilarious joke!

Much like this poem the wasting of words is wonderfully wanton and

Permanently present in the posting of the planetary platitude of your opinion on the


Keep posting I am sure you will change the world before I can say



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