On the Occasion of the Arrest of Paris Hilton and Cy Waits, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Slightly Revises Its TV Ad Campaign

IMAGE: Sweeping, slow-motion view of attractive young people dancing in a nightclub.

BACKGROUND MUSIC: Thumping house track.

SEDUCTIVE FEMALE VOICE-OVER: The music. The cocktails. The sexy women. The hot men. The anything-goes atmosphere. Las Vegas is your place to party. To cut loose. To get wild. To let it all hang out.

IMAGE: Close-up of a young woman and young man dancing. She offers him a white pill. He expresses shock and dismay -- until she holds up a harmless box of breath mints. They both laugh.

SEDUCTIVE FEMALE VOICE-OVER: Las Vegas. Your place to party. To live a little. Play a little. Sin a little. But not too much. In a safe, responsible, drug-free environment.

IMAGE: In a dark corner of the club, a shady-looking character in sunglasses flashes a vial of cocaine at an attractive young woman. She shakes her head, emphatically signaling "No." Two large security guards appear out of nowhere to lift the shady-looking character off his feet and hustle him out of the club.

SEDUCTIVE FEMALE VOICE-OVER: Las Vegas. Where anything goes. Where you can stay up all night. Thrill your senses. Pursue forbidden adventures. But only if you're 21 or older. All in a completely drug-free environment. In full compliance with the Nevada Revised Statutes and the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

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IMAGE: Young man at nightclub bar, glumly slurping the last of his vodka tonic, looking bored.

SEDUCTIVE FEMALE VOICE-OVER: Las Vegas nightlife. Naughty. Wild. Uninhibited. Unless by "uninhibited" you mean drugs. Come party with us. Let it all go. Unless the "it" you're "letting go" is a fat rail of Bolivian marching powder. What's Bolivian marching powder? Frankly, I don't know and I don't want to know. Or a massive, head-scouring bong rip in the back seat of an Escalade. Come on. Hit the town. Catch the buzz. Feel the high. A natural, adrenaline high, not a chemically induced one that can have both short- and long-term adverse effects on your health. Those kind of highs are bad. Come sin with us and make your wildest fantasies come true.

IMAGE: A nun dancing with a DEA agent.

SEDUCTIVE FEMALE VOICE-OVER: Vegas. No rules. No inhibitions. Vegas. No prohibitions. Aside from federal drug laws and local statutes. It's Sin City. The way you like it. The way you want it. The way you need it. Vegas. Where your secret desires come to life. But with certain rules in place, such as rigid ordinances making prostitution illegal in Clark County.

IMAGE: Entire dance floor filled with nuns and DEA agents dancing.

SEDUCTIVE FEMALE VOICE-OVER: Vegas. They call us Sin City for a reason. Come get a taste. Take a hit. One try and you'll be hooked. Metaphorically speaking. Come be bad with us. Not "bad" bad, as in the way drugs are bad, but "bad" meaning sort of innocuously irresponsible every once in a while. Vegas. Come play. Come sin. Break all the rules. Certain restrictions apply.

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