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"Leaving Las Vegas" director's new film sounds crazy

Do you remember how powerfully sensual, how erotically charged "Leaving Las Vegas" was? Me neither! But apparently the director of the movie version of that pretty-okay book, Mike Figgis, is a pretty spicy guy. Here's a piece on his new film, which you know also has artistic merit because it has parentheses in it. From the Hollywood Reporter:

In Mike Figgis' new movie, The Co(te)lette Film, three female dancers wag their hips while on all fours, grind against each other and suggestively spread their legs while stone-faced men surrounding a stage look on intently. The emotionally freighted piece — which explores issues of desire, sensuality, female objectification and the search for satisfaction — will have its U.S. premiere at the Dance Camera West film fest this weekend on Saturday June 18 at the Hammer Museum’s Billy Wilder Theater.

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