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Blood / does not move

at a set speed / there are so many turns and knots

for the cells to navigate / the world is moving

unsteadily / and I can’t promise to be on time /

with the state of / the I-15 in afternoon

traffic / and the poor engineering


I desperately want to know

the name of everything / so I will know

maybe I’ll understand / the function or



My daughter asks / if she should be scared of/

black widows / her teacher  told her they / can hurt

her with their / mouths

I told her there’s / plenty of room in / the desert but

it doesn’t hurt to be careful


Break the world into / its pieces / the wonder

will not work / when you put it

together / the wear / the edges / unsmooth

made broken / the natural process of knowing / makes it different

changes the body / the vessel / the mechanism

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